Nutrition diagnostics
for your vineyard.

Integrape brings all the relevant data together - allowing you to quickly identify problems, trends and correlations so you can respond accordingly and with precision.


"To really understand what's happening in the vineyard we need historical data and context. As a consultant I would be reluctant to offer advice based on one test/result."

— Gerard Besamusca, Viticultural Consultant

Every result in multiple views

Compare data from all stages of crop production to spot trends and relationships and make intelligent management decisions.

Results Archive

A full history of all the results for your vineyard in one place and format, regardless of sample type or testing laboratory.

No more looking through emails, filing cabinets or pages deep on the noticeboard - Integrape makes the accessibility and sharing of all your sample reports simple, saving you time and money.

Historical Profiles

See how your vineyard results are tracking over selectable time periods.

Integrape provides several curated profiles that group the most relevant tests into one graph, so you can explore and understand relationships between different variables - maximizing the value from your sample results.

Geospatial View

Our interactive map view allows users to view any results geographically AND historically, overlaying data such as soil maps or EM surveys. Results can be grouped by block, variety, irrigation zone or any relevant management category. In the case of satellite, users can zoom past block level and for some drone products right down to individual plants.

Integrape provides a combined view showing what's happening above and below the ground. The quickest way to see potential problem areas or variations within your vineyard.

"What I love about Integrape is the visualisations - so easy to see what's going on, where and when, which allows me to get back out in the vineyard."

— Tony, Viticulturist, Hawkes Bay

Data Sources

Integrape combines measurements collected in the field, captured remotely, from Government agencies or results from testing agencies and displays them in a way that makes trends and relationships easy to identify.

We provide growers, viticulturalists, and agronomists with a tool to monitor trends and variations covering health, disease, quality and nutritional requirements across the vineyard. One website – one format. Saves time, saves money – leveraging your data to add value to your decision-making process.

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Integrape ensures you get the most value out of your data. Informed decisions lead to better outcomes.
  • Sample results stored in one convenient place and format
  • Historical and geographical data comparisons
  • Combines data sets from multiple sources geospatially
  • Curated profiles to help interpret your sample information
  • Helps identify problems and target your responses
  • Benchmarking (vineyard/company/region)
  • Share the same view with staff, consultants or management

Our Story

In 2002 Gerard Besamusca identified the need for a system that gathered all the relevant data for a vineyard and allowed an overview of exactly what was going on to make more informed recommendations for his clients.

He appointed his daughter Mirjam who had previously worked at Hill Laboratories as a developer to build a solution to this problem. With a science degree in Information Systems she was ideally suited to set up the database and desktop application to collate, and effectively output, all the information that was being collected.

As the platform became a reality over the next couple of years and Gerard began using the resulting graphs in reports, it quickly became apparent that the clients themselves were keen to interact with the data. It was obvious how much extra value was created once all the information was collated in the one platform.

In 2004 Gerard's son Joris was brought on board and was tasked with creating a cloud based visual tool for presenting and sharing results with growers, viticulturists and consultants. Integrape was born.

After a decade of use by Gerard's dozens of viticulture clients, the database had amassed over 50,000 samples and became an indispensible tool to many. The decision was made to break Integrape away from Gerard's consultancy, and realise it's true potential as a standalone product.

In 2018 after researching the leading-edge platforms and technologies available, Integrape was rebuilt from the ground up as a GIS based system, enabling integration with a range of the latest data including multispectral satellite and drone imagery, in the field sampling apps and remote sensing as well as information from Government agencies.

With more data options in the pipeline and a constantly improved geospatial component, Integrape looks set to be the go-to Vineyard diagnostic tool for truly grasping the nutritional health of the vineyard.